That very awkward encounter with my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

We are all aware that I have an ex-boyfriend. His name is Daniel. We were together for a year and broke up about 5 months ago.
Now that we’ve been briefed on my past relationship we can begin to discuss the very strange encounter I had today.
I logged onto my email account and saw that I had an email from tumblr. Since I don’t usually get those it was the one I opened first. It was a question from someone with a url I didn’t recognize. The ‘question’ went as follows: “I would really appreciate if you un-follow me. I don’t like you or you looking at what I post.. I would love to block you but there’s no way to do so… Thanks I hope you understand. I just have no interest in you looking at my personal stuff.”
As we can all see, that was not a question at all but whatever… we can move on from that point to the next point which is… WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!
Naturally, I was curious as to who would write something so passive aggressive and rude to me. I clicked on the url and found it to be Daniel’s ex-girlfriend (who shall remain unnamed). I also found that her latest tumblr post happened to be about me. It went as follows: “Omgg so this girl I hate is following me on tumblr and I just found out today. Lol now I know how she stalked me since I blocked her from everything else… I hope you read this psycho ass little fucking git, oh and I hate you and you should try to get a damn personality instead of taking other people’s. you are a sad little girl and as dull and unoriginal as a wet blanket. I hate you”


I was confused, you see, because I knew I had done nothing wrong and hadn’t actually talked to her in about 3 years. (I knew her through my brother when I first got to high school, this was before she ever even dated Daniel.) But I didn’t dwell because I realized she was jealous and insecure and honestly just had nothing better to do. I also remembered Daniel claiming quite a few times that she was a “crazy bitch” and that he wanted nothing to do with her

…I see why.

And being myself, I decided to publicly reply to her on tumblr just to show her I am not threatened by her and I do not care whether she likes or dislikes me. My reply went something like this: “Wow you are actually fucking crazy. I followed you a long fucking time ago when I knew you because of my brother. You hate me because I dated your ex? Get off your fucking high horse, you’re not that fucking great. I totally see now why your ex boyfriend thought you were fucking cracked, cause ya are. Go suck a dick.”

Maybe the last part wasn’t the most mature but honestly… blocking me on every social network because you don’t like the fact that your ex-boyfriend moved on? Please grow up.

Lesson learned: Don’t let people treat you like shit, especially when you have done absolutely nothing wrong. And don’t let what people say bother you. When people bully you, 9 times out of 10 it’s because they are insecure with themselves and they just want other people to feel their misery. Those people will die alone… after all, misery lacks company.

Goodnight and much love.


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